Meet Mark.

Mark is a director, and a damn good one at that. He’s directed commercials, music videos, branded content and films! He directs all styles and genres of video, but his favorite is comedy. But who’s isn’t? Am-I-Right?


Oh, and he’s been “in the biz” for 20+ years and has directed over 10,000 videos. Well, maybe not that many, but a lot. A real lot. Too many to count. Let’s go with 9,467 videos...9,468. Even numbers are better.


Mark’s dream of becoming a director began when he saw Star Wars and Indiana Jones for the first time (*cough* nerd *cough*). He thought to himself, “I can do that better”. And he did. Not really though. Although if we’re being honest, anyone could have done a better job with Episodes 1-3. Way-To-Go, Lucas.


As a side note, Mark believes that his childhood in the 80’s produced the best movies, music, video games and inventions. His wife, a child of the 90’s, strongly disagrees. His wife also wrote this bio. She’s cool too.

Brands mark has done work for

Gatorade, Propel, HTC, LG, Prudential, Investor’s Bank, BNY Mellon, Optimum, Ashley Furniture, Post Foods, D’Artagnan, PSE&G